mum and children, playing outdoors in the park

Summer photoshoot, family of 3 in Teddington

There is a very special joy in summer family photoshoots. A profound feeling, possibly comes from the Sun and a nice weather! When everyone is enjoying being together, the photos reveal those moments, the real emotions, the happiness flowing, and later on they bring back those warm memories. Earlier this month, I had a truly heartfelt shoot. A very relaxed summer afternoon, full of running arounds and cuddles in Bushy park, Teddington.

mum and children, playing outdoors in the park

Being a mum there are many simple moments every day that may never get seen,
let alone photographed!
Therefor they may simply be forgotten in 20-30 years…
Those feelings are still there, somewhere inside us,
but with children grow up and change a lot, making millions of memories to remember, sometimes in future it is hard to dig deep to remember those early years…

mum and daughter photography outdoors
mum and daughter photography outdoors

When our children start to have their own family,
that is when we are asked more often how everything was when they were kids?
How our days were with little kidos running around? How was our moments, laughters, cryings and how did we all feel at that time? 

mum and daughter photography outdoors

These photos, the albums, all those memories up on the wall
are there to tell our stories…

when they ask in future …

how things were.. when they were little… 

Children are little only for a little while…

Capture those moments on time! 

little girl saying pick a boo, photoshoot in the park
mum and children photography outdoors
one year old baby girl in the park

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk and capture 

your own moments!

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