One year-old life style photography at home – Richmond

So how to fit a newborn photography experience exactly at the height of all of these changes?
How to make it more enjoyable and less stressful?
and what to expect from your lifestyle photography experience at home?

Happy Birthday to your little one year-old and to you One year-old parents! You made it through the whole year with so many ups and downs, lots of new experiments and feelings you have never thought about them before and raised your beloved little newborn to one year! WOW that has to be celebrated! So firstly many congradulations. 

Is it now anew stage to be photgraphed? documented for the future? remembered and cherished? I bet it is a very important stage to be captured and rememberd! and if you have already had a 6-7 months photoshoot, you’d probably know that every little change is so worth being captured. So how to plan for your 1 year-old photoshoot? What to expect and why are we documenting this stage? Let’s have a quick chat or if you don’t have time, scroll through this beautiful session of little Oskar we did at the beginning of summer this year to find out what are the main focus in a one-year old photoshoot. 


Planning for a one-year old photography experience is all around your family routine. Following baby’s intention and flexibility are so important at this stage. 

How I plan for a family life style shoot at home, always depends on you and your family routines. We always plan for the day in advance, reviewing your usual daily routine and try to stick to it as much as possible.  Having a little baby at home, it is always best to be flexible as the day may not go the way it is planned and that is absolutely fine. The main plan is to go with what your baby wants all the time. If they want cuddles, if they want to play with toys, if they want not to be hold and just walk around, if they want to eat or even sleep! 

At 1 year old, babies started to be more independent, know what they want to do next and say No to what they don’t!

More movability and quickly being distracted by anything is the main changes we see in the session compare to the sitter session. 

While children at every stage have their own special characteristics and new explorations,
the one year-old is more about their characteristic,
and those first ever actions like first steps! 

1. The Peak of smiles and Interaction 

Obviously we always start at a time that is after having breakfast as babies at this age are usually happier in the morning. The babies at one year old, could be either a bit shy seeing a new face around the house or sometimes over excited to interact.

Being at home, in their familiar space, having parents around, they usually warm up quicker and feel safer and they soon start to interact. 

The happiest time in terms of interaction is usually the first half an hour to one hour, during this time the best would to be quick on getting started to document those first cute interactions. Also this would be a great time to have more family shots, looking at the camera photos and mainly the shots that we’d like the child to look at the camera with a smile. 

The babies at this time of their day are very happy and the shoot goes fast, all that matters is to keep them interested and change things around the way we want to capture those excitements while they last. 


2. Baby is leading

After the first hour we may loose their attention. At this stage the photographer is a more familiar face so the child would prefer to find something new! At this time, the shoot focus is more on the moments as they reveal by letting them lead the stage. While the direction would be more towards the natural moments and letting the child to be and do as they want, I would also guide the session towards a corner with more light, with either a simpler background or with that memorable corner of the house that has to be documented in the photos. 

3. The Flow and the corners

As you may know by now, the session flow is all on the baby with a touch of our guidance and the presence of the more dear toys. 

Having already seen your place and talked to you, my goal is for both of us to already know how to direct the session and what comes next. We usually pre-select different corners of the house, be it the a special coach, under the stairs playroom, bright kitchen or the master bedroom.   

My first suggestion is the master bedroom, as the big bed makes a perfectly huge, soft and bright space for the photos. Where the baby can move more freely with less concerns of being hurt. 

Then is the nursery since it shows all your thoughts and little bits you have put together for this first special year and it so worth being documented. 

Any habit, like little Oskar who loves to sit by the backyard door while looking at the birds outside. 


4.Outdoor time

We could always end the session with a short stroll to your favourite outdoor park, as a beautiful addition to your at home photos. 

So the session is now wrapped up as a beautiful 1 day of life of a one year old precious little baby. 

Did you have your newborn photography with me?

Are your interested in the sitter photography experience and one year old experience too?

Did you know I have a very special bundle for your next two memorable stage of your baby’s life + an extra family session when they are 2 years-old! 

Get in touch to have a complementary consult for your one year old photoshoot! 

Family and Baby Life Style Photography Experience, is best to be a combination of indoor and outdoor moments.  So we can document your daily cosy moments at home, including some nappy shots as well as a family outdoor fun in a beautiful outdoor venue. 

What if your little one is already past 1 year-old? 

If you have gone past that stage, it is not yet late and with a bit more patience, planning and time we can still document beautiful moments for you until around 16-18 months, before they really become an independent 2 years old! 

What happens next?

Having a family life style photography is an emotional and personal experience. Every baby and family is different so as the photographers! The best is for you and the photographer to know each other better so you both know what to expect and how to be prepared. To do so, there are a few steps before your photoshoot, including filling a simple questionnaire about all you have in your mind, your home style and all you like to do with the photos afterwards. A pre-session consult, to chat about all your final questions and concerns, review your daily routine and confirm all the details will follow after I receive your booking confirmation and the questionnaire. 

What corners of the house would look better in the photos? 

The best answer to this question is the corners you’d spend more time on, sit together more and spend yoru family time together.
For example what I would always suggest to document, are some playful moments on the bed in the master bedroom, in their nursery, on the kitchen table ( we can include their favorites ingredients too, like flour, pasta and etc), staircase and by the window. 

About the outdoor photography

Then we head to your favourite outdoor venue. The place that reminds you of lots of memorable family time so to bring back these memories in the future. 

I hope all these information has answered your questions to find out when is best for your next photography experience. Do you still have some questions? Give me a call, text or email me so we can talk more about your next family photography experience. 

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