My promise

I  can see

your children watching their childhood memories every time they go up the stairs, to comment on them, telling their story, making you laugh even if delaying their bed time.
I want these memories to last your family a life-long, warm your heart and take you back in time, reminding you of their personalities, characters and how it felt loving them at every stage.

Wall portraits to add a touch of style to your home, The way you have always dreamed of, put together during an enjoyable process from planning to design. Nothing left for you to sort out later but a family tradition to add new moments to your gallery every year.

The photographs of your family to simply remind you, how it all began, what is nowadays called 


your family

My mission is

To begin our photography journey together, from those first few days of welcoming your new addition to as long as life takes us, capturing the changes, growth and all those unscripted moments of your life to mark every stage…

To know that your most priceless memories are not disappeared under the digital dust… 
To see your unique family moments up on the wall, beautifully styled, and your children’s faces glow while remembering those happy family times… 

and your relief once the pressure on you is gone,
your growing memories has been taken care of by someone who cares as much as you!  

About me

My name is Golriz, mum to a very active Toddler!
A family and newborn photographer of 10 years, 
currently based on Teddington, London. 


My photography journey

My Family and Baby Photography journey began 15 years ago with my dearest friends babies. The friends I grew up with, going through all those memorable and adventurous explorations in our 20s. The ones whom I was present in all the important stages of their lives. Being a photographer, I began this incredible experience of mine by documenting their new journey through that first challenging year of parenthood and then years after, friends I treasure forever for helping build my dream life!

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