Covid-19 safety measures for at home and outdoors family photography experience

At Golriz Photography your safety has always been my top priority throughout each family photography experience. With all that is happening around the world, with the new social distancing rules and being back in business after 3 months of lockdown, following the guidelines and advice issued by the government, here I am outlining the safety measures I have put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, for all my family photoshoots going forward.

Family photography experiences are to resume from 4th July 2020, including outdoor and at home sessions. While being in summer, we have all the reasons to plan for outdoor shoots, I am taking very limited at home sessions for newborns and little babies, limiting my home visits to only 1 per week, to reduce any risk. This limitation to home visits also applies to design and ordering sessions.

– All sessions are limited to 6 people maximum due to the new government rules. ( updated 10th September ) 

– All sessions can be rescheduled free of charge, should you need to self-isolate, shield or if anyone feels unwell. In that case you will be offered another date, considering the weather and my calendar. If for any health reasons you need to cancel your session this year, you will receive the full refund of your session fee.

– All contracts are now to sign digitally to avoid an unnecessarily contact.

– In terms of general cleanliness I always clean and sanitised my equipments, props and blankets I use after each session, and if they have not been used for a few weeks. I always wash my hands before your session and use hand sanitiser before and throughout the session.

– For at home sessions, I do wear face covering if the social distancing ( 1m+ ) is not possible and all throughout photographing your newborn.

– Working with local families in Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington, the short traveling distance and the wonderful outdoor parks we have at our doorsteps, all of which allows me to cycle instead of taking any public transport. If you leave further I would use a cab or Uber to travel to you. ( Please not extra costs may occur ). 

Design sessions which are usually take place at your home, in order to help you find the best products, colour and size for your home gallery. Similar to my at-home sessions, I am happy to carry on the same way, with all the safety and cleanliness measures in place. Should you have any concerns, we could arrange your session in a local park, when the kids can play while we are talking, or we’d always have the online meeting as the most secure option.

Newborn photoshoots

Working with many newly parents through my photography career, I know those first few days and weeks is all about making sure they are safe, comfortable and secure.

Newborn photography is a very hands on session, requiring me to be in close contact with your baby to soothe and if needed move or slightly pose them. As the restrictions on social distancing are still seriously in place, it may be some time before I am back to holding your newborn all throughout the session! However having a lifestyle approach on my newborn sessions, allows me to capture all their adorable details, tininess and those emotional moments to assure you are not missing this precious stage of your life and your moments are beautifully captured and preserved. Please contact me for more details.

– I wear face covering while working with newborns in close contact and will have the least connection to you and your newborn.  

– If you choose to use any of my props, wraps and blankets for your photos, I will wash wash and dry and pack them 2 days prior to your session.  I could teach you how to wrap your baby or we can simply be more relaxed and capture the moments with less interfering. 

Outdoor sessions

Using a long lens during outdoor shoots, allows me to keep the necessary distance from your family. Avoiding close contacts with the children.

As I am terribly missing high-fives with 2-3 years olds to cheer them up and get them engaged, I have come up with a new high-five in the air! needs some practice but it seems working so far!

Please bring hand sanitiser with you, plus plasters for any unfortunate accidents.

As per government guidelines, it is not mandatory to wear face masks outdoors, but you may bring your own to wear between photos if you wish to. I will not be wearing a mask as we will be socially distanced, and in the open air already. This will mean I look less intimidating to children, and that you will be able to hear my instructions more clearly.

Symptoms of Covid-19

New continuous cough, high temperature and a loss of taste and/or smell.

If anybody becomes unwell or suffers from the above symptoms, even on the day of your photoshoot, the booking will be cancelled free of charge and rescheduled to a new date.

If you or a member of your family becomes unwell or suffers from the above symptoms within 14 days of a photoshoot, please inform me immediately. I will do the same.

It is really important to me, that you, your family, and I, feel reassured and safe during our session that none of us, nor the NHS are being put at risk by what we are doing. If you have any concerns about the procedures or if you would like to suggest any new ideas or safeety measures, please do get in touch with me. You can find further details and recommendations from the government on staying safe outdoors, here.

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