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Here are the variety of handpicked photography products to help you find your favourites and start designing your wall spaces. You will see all samples at your design session and I will be there helping you to personalise your design.

Plan with the end result in mind

Home galleries

The variety of designs are endless, depending on your space, selected frame style and photographs. This process could be overwhelming and difficult! We will go through it together one step at a time!
While you could choose between the 3 collections already designed, your preferred sizes and design could always be tailored for you. 

Remember your home gallery could grow with your family! 

Tailor it to your style

with different collection

Solitaire frames

Select from variety of

Modern and timeless frames

You are creating these moments for your children to make their life more meaningful, to warm them with these memories in their adulthood and to remind them of their childhood, specially once they start their own family.


Tell your story

Every moment you create for your family, deserves to be kept and remembered! Albums are not only the best way to preserve those are not hung up on the wall, they are there to be taken with the kids once they leave home and later on passed down to the next generations! 
Begin with a newborn stage, grow your album library by adding a new set at every stage of your family’s life! 
You’d have a treasured family heirloom for all your children and grandchildren to cherish forever…

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