Your Experience

Even before you decide weather or not have a shoot with me, I encourage you to start from the end,
what do you have in your mind to do with these photos? where are they going to be displayed?
what is your goal for your portraits, from this very first newborn session 
to the years of photographing your children growing up to adulthood?

The best place is where you can easily see them more often and simply smile every time they catch your eyes, in those pretty albums on the bookshelf that can be easily taken out every night and be flipped through, bringing laughter and tears… and a precious present to be handed to the next generations to know their past and themselves better.

Before the shoot

I start with this question “How do you want to see your photographs, now or in the future?” Forgotten in a pile of USBs and CDs somewhere in the house, never to be seen, waiting for that one day to be taken out, chosen and finally hung on the wall? Or you prefer them to be part of your family’s everyday life, for everyone to enjoy; a reminder of the love and connection between all the beloved ones in the past and present…

That is the first question I would ask you in the pre-consultation appointment and don’t worry if you don’t know the answer yet! We will think about it and make a plan for it together.

To truly capture those personal and special moments of your family life, in the questionnaire that I sent you and through our conversation before the shoot we will talk about all the details, such as what to wear, the colours, the location and I will help you decide about what matters to you. This consultation can be in-person or on the phone.

During the shoot

The best moments, smiles, face expressions happen when the children are comfortable with someone they know, in a place they are familiar with and happily do anything they want to. So a good relationship plays the most important role in  a photo-session.

During my shoots, I do my best to make friends with your children, by knowing their favourites and habits before I come to your house and by spending more time before the shoot, playing and talking to them. So the more information you give me about your children, the better I will know them and we can establish a more fun friendship together.
I know how important is for you that your child well-behave during the shoot, I believe it won’t happen by force but naturally letting them be themselves and be relaxed. Those will be the moments we are looking for, true and natural moments, those that will make the most adorable memories. I will be more patient that you can imagine and the shoot with me will be fun, natural, playful and relaxed. Of course there will be times that I do give some more directions, as I believe the artistic touch also matters, but mostly you may see me as an observer, quietly capturing your family moments…

My exciting goal is to remain your family photographer and witness your family grow, year after year, documenting all these memories.

After the shoot

This is when all the emotions reveals, the time I believe is the photographer’s reward, that moment when you see all the photos! Seeing your face, the emotion in your eyes when you are watching all these simply your family moments, the cuddles and giggles, is the best moment for which I can’t wait after every shoot. That is my main reason why I always have a viewing session, not online gallery. As a passionate photographer who spends all her time documenting your true life, I need to see the result of my work on your eyes and emotions the first moment you see the photos.

So around 2 weeks after your photoshoot, we will arrange a viewing appointment either at your house, my place or a cafe shop, to sit together and view your professionally edited photos, presented in an slideshow. I will then help you to go through them, choose your favourite photos as well as product that you have decided to hang on your house. It would be great if both parents take part in this session as we will be deciding about your home decoration, so both of your opinion matters.

You will then receive your final products within the next 20 days and I would be more than happy to help you while decorating your house with these newly designed, elegant wall arts.

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