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Being an entrepreneur is about creation, connection and being in control!
You have created your own little world, a business to serve, to add value to people’s lives, health and wellbeing.

You believe in communication and growing relationships with people; to give, to offer, to support and to make an impact in their lives. From that little smile when receiving your products, to that warm satisfaction believing in themselves when following your guidance, you aimed to improve lives!

Why to be an entrepreneur?
What motivates you in this path?
How do you impact your client’s life? 


How do YOU want to be seen? 

What impression to make?

Connection is one of your top priorities.
You need to connect to serve, to be seen as truly as you are,
to be known as a human being,
a person, rather than a name and a brand in order to be truly trusted.

Living in a visual world, with all the everyday changes
in the online platforms,
you know how vital is YOUR presence for your business.

     Creation        Connection          Control

Being a woman, I know what it means having no intention to be in front of the camera and how it feels being so critical about our photographs. Being in control means we’d like to be behind the camera to observe everything and everyone through the visor, that’s why we are running our own businesses, isn’t it?

But your business is also YOU along with your products and services. YOU believe your presence is important everywhere in your online world. You know your audience love to get to know who you are so that relationships then evolve into something more than a client and a brand, we care about our people, they care about us and that builds a more sustainable relationship to last longer and stronger.

From the moment you see the lack of professional, although casual and relaxed photos of yourself, styled with a variety of clothing and location, until the time you have captured, edited and ready, seems to be a long way! And a bit daunting!

But you know the hardest part is the very first part, to make the decision and take the first step, to get in touch and let the conversation begins. Trust me the rest follows smoothly after. And before you notice a new and exciting photography experience is just behind you! While the next step is to incorporate all these new beautiful images of yourself and your work, into your online platforms!

Brand stories

Personal Branding photography experience

Working together to build your visual content

Our journey began by planning and getting to know each other more. Talking about all details is the key at this stage, to make sure you will achieve your goal from this experience. Whether it is a few updated headshots, several photos for your new blog posts or a full on personal branding experience with lots of ideas, fun, colours and more photos.

You could expect to receive a variety of photos ( the amount is varied based on your vision and the collection you choose ) showcasing yourself, your personality, your characteristic, your life ( as more details as you’d like to cover ), your services, products and the process and even more, you are telling the story behind your brand.

Your investment

Pick what works for you



per hour

up to 20 photographs

Half a day



up to 50 photos

4 hours photography 

additional £150 per hour

Head shot



20 min outdoor shoot





a gallery of 20 to view and select from


* Prices may vary if your selected venue is located further than 2 miles from Teddington, please contact me for more details. 

Personal Branding Photography’s main focus is

to professionally capture your brand, your message and YOU the creator of this brand,
through strong and impressive imagery.

Your brand’s photography experience will be planned for you considering your goals and vision for your brand’s personality.

from Planning to Design

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