3 to 4 months old lifestyle photoshoot, what moments we can capture?

Excited with your baby’s smiles when they notice your face and they are certainly making more eye contacts these days? Fascinated by everyday new changes like trying hard to roll to their tummy, grabbing toys and being much more active? What could you expect from your baby’s 3 to 4 months old lifestyle photoshoot? What are the moments we can capture and how is it going to be different from the newborn stage? 

3 months has gone by quickly, and after the first few weeks of kind of a chaos and sleepless nights, everything seems to be a bit more under control. If you have missed the newborn stage photoshoot, this is a time you may start to think about professionally capture your family moments.
So what are the main characteristics at this stage and how would your photos look like?

Having more eye contact, being interested in some colourful toys,
occasional smiles, more interactions with parents and starting to show more expressions are some of the main 3 months old’s developments. 

Although every child is different and may reach any of these developments sooner or later, 3 months old is a remarkable stage to capture all the new changes at the same time as still having some newborn type moments. Generally more awareness to the surroundings from things to people, from noise to colours and stronger eye contacts are the main differences between 3 months and 3 weeks!

The newborn fragility is gone, 3 months old baby holds his/her neck, looks around more curiously, notices their hands and feet and gets much more active by constantly moving arms and legs! All of these bring new excitements and joy, special reasons to documented this stage.

So let’s have a quick look at this gorgeous session from last summer,
a 3 – 4 months old lifestyle  photoshoot at home and outdoors.

Eye contacts

Baby at this stage makes more eye contacts with adults, as far as you are close enough and are actively talking to them. You could notice their expression changes once you go closer certain distance, sometimes 20-30 cm. That is when you see they seem to be noticing you and suddenly cheer up!

Tip: Photographing has to be quick as once the photographer come further they may look elsewhere! so the tip is to ask parents to be ready, keep their expressions and be quick!

Excitements and face expressions 

3 to 4 months old photoshoot is all about expressions, but they don’t happen naturally! To capture the cutest moments, patience and perseverance are the key! Talking to baby usually results in different expressions, just keep the conversation going! 

Moving arms and legs and starting to grab their feet

One of the excitements of this stage, is seeing your baby starts to notice their hand and feet! touch them and look for them! sometimes very surprisingly! 

Although their sleeps at this stage is not very deep but during a lifestyle shoot we tend to have nap break depends of baby’s routine. That is when we can capture some sleepy moments but very carefully since we don’t want an unsettle baby afterwards whose nap has beeb disturbed by the camera!


As mentioned earlier, your 3 months old could see you much better at this stage therefor interact with you cutely! These interactions result in super cute connections and moments between you all. 

If you think how would your 3 to 4 months old photoshoot at home or outdoors look like
what moments we can capture together, I am happy to talk and find

your own moments!

I love to talk and would love to give you more ideas,  it has absolutely no cost!

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