Best locations for autumn family photoshoot in south west London

Autumn has always been the most memorable season for me! Earlier in my life it has been full of love stories and later on, a joyful time of the year, meeting new families, capturing their magical family autumnal memories in London. Throughout my London life, followed by the past 8 years of photographing families mostly in south west London I happen to have more than one favourite location to suggest for the upcoming autumn family photoshoots so here are my top best locations for you to consider for your next autumn family photoshoot in south west London.

Tip: Memories!
Do you spend most of your weekends at a park near your home? Do you have a family corner/tree/bench in that park? Are this location part of your children’s daily life? 
Well, if the answer is yes then that should be your no.1 location for your next autumn family photoshoot. 
Then once you had a shoot there, you can always look for another, maybe more picturesque location the following year. 

1. Richmond park

Richmond. park is one of the very first national parks that comes to mind for an autumnal outdoor family photography in south west London. Its vastness and biodiversity offer such a new scenery at each corner that you’d never get bored even if photographing there every year or season! 
Not only it provides an adventurous autumnal family day, its rugged wilderness also gives a uniques look to your outdoor family photos.

Tip: If you already had an autumn foliage family photoshoot, why not try a frosty early morning photoshoot in December for a change! 

Tip: Proximity and children’s age

While looking for the best place in terms of autumnal colors to arrange a family photography session across south west London, always consider how long it will take you to get there and if the place is further, are your children old enough to stay happy after a long journey to that best location you have chosen for your autumn family photoshoot? 

I have worked with families who were happy to travel with young kids from east or north London to capture their family time in the magical autumn of Richmond park! then they stayed the whole day made it into a family day trip!
So which one of the south west London parks suits your family could be very personal. Starting early and fresh in the morning is the key while capturing fall moments in London. Alternatively if you live close by, a golden hour shoot just before the sunset would be another ideal time for your outdoor autumnal family photography.  

2. Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a place where the curated beauty of cultivated gardens meets the untamed allure of the wild. Here, you can explore both meticulously landscaped areas and natural pockets of wilderness, offering a balanced and enchanting experience for nature enthusiasts.
You can expect a variety of colours and tree types there. Best place for your autumn family photoshoot if you have toddlers or babies! 

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family of five photographed in Kew gardens. best locations for autumn family photoshoot in south west London

3. Bushy park

Very similar to Richmond park, Bushy park’s vast woodlands, open meadows, and serene waterways provide a glimpse into the untamed beauty of the natural world. You’ll encounter herds of deer roaming freely amidst ancient trees and find yourself immersed in the tranquility of a genuine, un-manicured wilderness. Bushy Park invites you to explore the untouched and embrace the authenticity of the wild. 

Mum and daughter photographed in Bushy park. best locations for autumn family photoshoot in south west London
Dad and son photographed in Bushy park. best locations for autumn family photoshoot in south west London

4. Terrace gardens, Richmond Thames path and Richmond green

Walking from Richmond green, through the Thamse path towards the Petersham meadows and Terrace Gardens, would be the best location for your next outdoor family photoshoot if you have been living in the area for several years, now or before! and Have already made a lot of memories.  So the same walk you’d do with your family being captured in the long lasting professional photos, would be a memorable gifts to your littlest ones. 
More than stunning autumnal scenery, it offers memorable locations that are part of your daily family life; a walk to or from the school, a Sunday morning walk looking for those most family friendly pubs, and for most of us a reminder of those memorable lockdown walks in 2020! 

Thames path and all its historic points, would also be an ideal location for your autumn family photos if you are a visitor, looking for a good looking location in London during autumn! 

autumn richmond
richmond green autumn
autumn terrace gardens
Family of 4 photographed in Thames footpath, Richmond. best locations for autumn family photoshoot in south west London

5. Box Hill 

If you live near Dorking or Leatherhead or if you have bigger kids who are happy to have a more adventurous outdoor photography day than your local park, then Box Hill would the best option. It is usually on my clients’ location list once they had family photoshoots in their local parks across south west London for a few years so are ready for a change in the scenery for their autumn family moments captured. 

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6. Gunnersbury park

To begin with in Gunnersbury park you will find tons of stunning autumnal colours. Then the exceptional view of Gunnersbury house in the background would be an added bonus to give your autumn family photos a totally different feeling compared to the other locations.  

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7. Syon park 

autumn children and Family outdoor - GolrizPhotoraphy1-2

8. Wimbledon common

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autumn children and Family photoshoot in south west london - GolrizPhotoraphy4

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