autumn family photography in teddington Richmond upon thames

Autumn family photography in Teddington, fun and playful

Well, there are sessions that are truly guided by the littlest ones! and this beautiful, fun, playful and charming autumn family photography in Teddington is definitely one of those memorable experience I have had so far! 

I usually like to look back at the first time I meet each family and recall that moment I felt how much I love to photograph them! sometime even long before they enquire! Yes, that happens often to a family and children photographer, who is deeply in love with capturing unique family moments and children’s delightful characteristics! 
We first met in my lockdown photography project I took one of my most memorable photos of this project! Again the kids lead the shot! They did what they want and was all about showing off their climbing skills, while I was amazed on how lively and communicative they are! Hoping to have a chance to know them better and may have a chance to photograph them at this very special stage of their life! 

we all know how kidos change through the time, so NOW is always the best time for an update on the family photos. 
You wait 6 months, to find time, warmer weather and etc .. the kids characters changes in a blink of an eye … 

Like to know how the session flow? 
Our very first photo is this one when the boys are hanging on the three and their little sister was eagerly watching them, while still in the waking up mood! 

Then we spent good long time on this simple log, jumping, laughing and making all the funny faces you can expect! and the icing on the cake was when the little 14 months-old was insisting on jumping off the log all by herself! 

We even had a little picnic, having warm soup and home-made bread! Thoughtful mam, I know 🤗 

One of the most important thing while having your family moments captured is making sure to include your very special, personal games, habits and moments. Those that you as parents would make up for your children to keep them entertained or to teach them something new..
One of those unique games for this lovely family was to a game to catch the leaves while they are blown away by the wind! The rule was to catch them while still flying not from the ground! 

Enjoy seeing these moments, and remember to capture yours while they are there, the childhood, that cheekiness, and just them being children! Before growing up and evolving into the next stage.. while they are still very little.. 

with all your own special uniqueness! 

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In every family photography experience my goal is to capture your family as you are, your moments as they reveal, your unique connection at every stage of life. 

When our children start to have their own family,
that is when we are asked more often how everything was when they were kids?
How our days were with little kidos running around? How was our moments, laughters, cryings and how did we all feel at that time? 

autumn family photography in teddington

These photos, the albums, all our memories up on the wall, 
are there to tell our stories…

when they ask in future …

how things were.. when they were little… 

autumn family photography in teddington
autumn family photography in teddington
autumn family photography in teddington

Children are little only for a little while…

Capture those moments on time! 

autumn family photography in teddington

and what is a better gift for grandparents than a gorgeous photo of all their beloved children and grandchildren!

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk and capture 

your own moments!

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