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Autumn family photoshoot in Richmond

Earlier in October, I had a chance to see a lovely old client of mine, for the autumn family photoshoot in Richmond. One of the joy of my work is to see the families over time, see how the children has grown up in a year or two, plan for new ideas to photograph and be creative on how to make the new shoot different to the ones before! 

One of the surprises I usually get is when talking to the older kids who remember our last shoot and the photos so this time feel more involved in the planning and preparation and offering ideas. Also giving you more ideas on what to do with the photos this time! ( Yes! expect to be surprise, hearing a 4-5 year old advice: ” I think this time we should hang the photos in the hallways in a new way and … ” it goes on.. 

 My ultimate goal being for the children to remember these moments and value their family memories, that participation makes me feel I have done my job! The kids are engaged and believe in what we do! 

autum family photoshoot in richmond

Enjoy seeing these moments, and remember to capture yours while they are there, the childhood, that cheekiness, and just them being children! Before growing up and evolving into the next stage.. while they are still very little.. 

Autumn family photoshoot in Richmond 

mum and daughter in autum family photoshoot in Richmond
Sisters in autum family photoshoot in Richmond
little girl in autum family photoshoot in Richmond

When our children start to have their own family,
that is when we are asked more often how everything was when they were kids?
How our days were with little kidos running around? How were our moments, laughters, cryings and how did we all feel at that time? 

mum and girls autum family photoshoot in richmond
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mum and dad in autum family photoshoot in richmond
autum family photoshoot in richmond
autum family photoshoot in richmond

These photos, the albums, all our memories up on the wall, 
are there to tell our stories…

when they ask in future …

how things were.. when they were little… 

autum family photoshoot in richmond
5 years old autum family photoshoot in richmond
2 years ol autum family photoshoot in richmond

Children are little only for a little while…

Capture those moments on time! 

and what is a better gift for grandparents than a gorgeous photo of all their beloved children and grandchildren!

Part of my job is to design a wall gallery with your beautiful moments. While families are having a new shoot every year or two, we will be adding more artworks to the ones already existing. Here is the one a wall gallery combination on our photoshoots together. I can’t wait to see how next year photos will be created!  

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk and capture 

your own moments!

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