Autumn Family Photography and Why?

Autumn and the whole joy it brings to us is not easily described! Yes, I know you may say:
 “What? Summer has just gone, why to celebrate the arrival of cold weather!” 😀 

I believe Summer is beautiful, warm and loving, full of joy, laughter and calm moments. while autumn is much more! Stunning,  energetic and evolving. The breathtaking simple changes in the environment, those simple encouragements to get on our feet and make changes not to be left behind and of course the leaves, the air and the clouds, all are there to make even more dramatic and touching impacts on our lives. 

So what why not capturing all of these in our family moments? 

Why the season matters and what impact it may make in our captured memories?

What are the main feelings we’d love to see in our family photos? Isn’t it to see everyone is happy and joyful? Isn’t to capture the natural expressions, moments as they happen?
So for a family outdoor day, what we mainly need is to keep everyone engaged and entertained in a beautiful and familiar environment. So what would Autumn add to our photos, apart from the beautiful and colorful scenery? 

  • The joy of exploring 
    Colorful leaves are as exciting for the kids as for the adults, maybe even more!
    It is not only the joy of finding different colors but to see and experience the change in nature.
    In the early learning years, all those experiments of touching, feeling and seeing how naturally things changes and more importantly to feel being part of it, is enought to bring out the sense of exploration and keep the littlest ones on their toes.
  • Nature has much more to offer
    Firstly, The leaves are everywhere so the joy is non-stop! “Getting bored? let’s find a red leaf! What about a one with more than one color?”
    but it is not all about the leaves! What about Pine cones? Acrons with the hat or without? Conkers? and of course lots and lots of sticks! and lastly what about a good leaf fight to get everyone envolved? 
  • Everyone is envolved!
    The season and the nature is exciting for all ages, from babies who has just started to stand up to young teenagers. 
  • and one more reason! 
    It is my absolute favorite time of the year, when my excitement and energy is just all over the place so it surely has a lot of impact in my work! 



7 Months-old Photography in Autumn

Children Photography in Autumn

And let the fun happens
from now all that matters is for you to enjoy!

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