Snuggle time with mummy captured

A month ago today, I officially entered my third year of motherhood! Unbelievably incredible journey, I am yet to believe I have gone through it for 2 whole years! During all these 730 + 30 days, my little boy and I, had millions of alone moments, during the day and even more at nights! Some I can still recall, and many are already forgotten! and the emotions.. I only remember when I hear a particular music, a perfume or those photos captured of our snuggles, our unique mummy and me times!

but how many of those photos truly captured those connections, feelings and more importantly our face expressions at a right angle, good light, in a no-clutter environment or with no-stained clothes?

These were simply what mattered to me at these Mummy and me photography experiences! you might ask why snuggle times with mummy matters to be captured? 
here is what I think:

Capturing mummy time matters!
for WHO? 

For YOU, to see in printed photos,
How your relationship look like,
How those connections are shaping, 
What your little baby’s expression at those cuddly times,
and more importantly
to remember how did you feel at those moments when the time has gone fast forward!

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Capturing mummy time matters!
for WHO? 

For YOUR BABY, to see in printed photos, how your relationship looked like,
How those connections were shaped, 
How you’re seeing them at each of those moments.. 
and more importantly
to even if they don’t remember how did they feel at those moments
they can see and feel the warmth of your hands,
the love in those cuddles and the connection between you two blossoming.. 

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Don’t you want to miss these moments being captured? 

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