Newborn and big sisters photography in Richmond

A new family journey began by every newborn coming home after 9 months of waiting impatiently. Here is a new memories created, a new beginning captured.

Every family photography experience is a new journey for me and it is even more special when this journey starts at the same time as a little new addition to the family. I always imagine how far each journey goes and how long I will stay with each family and cant deny the bond created after each shoot with all those kidos and their parents.

I met this lovely family of 5 last month to document this very special stage of their family life together. The little man was more than a week late and we met when he was 10 days old and yes he was a big boy on the day of the shoot! The shorter and lightness of sleeps are some signs a 3-4 weeks old.

He was a delight to photograph so as his big sisters and their new relationship. 

Those very first days of having a baby at home, and how you want to show him love as a 3-4 years old big sisters.. is always so worth being captured and of course make me cry.. as I am a big sister myself, 6.5 years old when my brother was born and have very little memories of that stage… wish we had more photos of us together… 

And here are some of the beautiful memories we created together, to remind us of his arrival, how little he was, how exciting we were welcoming him, how adorable was out relationship and how precious are these moments to be remembered in the future..

siblings interaction talking together

And as always, thank you very much for trusting me, having me in your very special although difficult first days after giving birth and letting me document these beautiful moments for you all. 

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