Family of 4 lifestyle Photography in Richmond

Have you ever wondered how would your family lifestyle photography look like?
What moments to capture? What corners of your house would look better?
and lots of questions about having a family lifestyle photography? 

Let’s have a look at these beautiful photos of a lovely family of 4 , when we captured lots of moments at home, followed by a walk up the Richmond hill and Terrace Gardens last autumn and see if some of your questions are answered.

autumn terrace gardens

What moments matter to be captured? 

What moments are we going to capture? What should we do? Where to start? How to plan? And many more questions are in your head when you start thinking about a family lifestyle photography!

And those questions are the main reason we usually postpone the main decision. 

Believe me! these are the main questions I get usually asked from the first moment I start talking to each family until I arrive at your home in your shoot day! I truly know that feeling, the need to know what to do! How to look your best and 

The answer is simple, short and yet personal!

Every family is unique so simply be yourselves! 

Yes! That is the only answer! why? 

Let’s go back and start from the moment you decide to document and save this stage of your life; whether there is a reason, a very special milestone like a birthday or you feel time is passing by so quickly and you feel the urge to keep it in your memory,  always remember why are we doing this? 

Always remember: Why?

To come back to them, to remember them exactly as they are.
To feel those feeling, to hear those sounds, smell the scents,
and feel happy, loved, cared and hugged again and again…

and it is not only for us, it is mainly for our children.. who’d most probably forget about these simple moments in 30 years.. who’d most feel the joy and warmth once finding these moments in their family album… 

The main goal is always to capture your family in your own way, as nothing is more priceless than being able to keep these unique moments forever the way it is happening. Of course I am there to help you look your best, guide you to pose in the correct direction and towards the best light.

We are capturing the emotion and love amongst you,
Those joyful feelings in your heart and mind so
You are the ones creating these lovely moments.

Those simple habits that may grow into new ones in a month…

they’ll stick to mind once up on the wall and seen every day..

moments seen in photographs become childhood memories…

Would you like to know more about how to plan for your family photography experience? 

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