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10 tips on how to take better photographs of your newborn at home

Being pregnant during lockdown itself making lots of thoughts already with new plans into place. While photography may not be a top one on your list, it is proven to be one of the plans need adjustments with professional photography temporarily postponed until further notice! Those of you knowing how the changes are incredibly fast in those first weeks, specially if you have already missed photographing this stage with your first/second pregnancies, you may have already considering a new plan; To photograph your newborn at home, YOURSELF!

So let’s go through some important tips together and:

Find out what should you focus on first,
what are those most important moments and
what moments not to miss! 

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1. Be prepared and mindful

of the main elements that makes a good photograph!

 A few days before starting to properly taking photographs of your newborn at home, pay attention to these details:
where in the house you feel more comfortable? which corner gets a nice light? is it decluttered and looks nice and quiet?

what interactions, experiences, moments, melt your heart, that you’d like to remember? 


– A warm and cosy corner 

– minimum furniture around to avoid distracting the eyes

– By the window with bright curtains and light on mums face while nursing baby

– on a sofa with little side lamp (turned off to avoid any colour cast)

The goal is to have all the attention on your baby and the connection between you. 


How you subject is lit?
Which direction the light is coming through and how harsh or light the quality of the light is?

Photographing a newborn, always make sure the light is coming from above, slightly angled above the head, or  one side and definitely not from underneath, not from legs towards the face! 

2. Flexibility

Being the photographer yourself, means you have lots of flexibility! Embrace it and use it to your benefits! 

There is no limitation,
Try one idea, corner, outfit, pose, moment a day! 


Although having a photographer may have lots of benefits, it is still bound to certain timing, 2-4 hours or half a day! When You’d have lots of time for trial and error, and honestly there is no error! It is mostly seeing the moments from different angles, in different lights, positions and expressions!

So give yourself permission to explore, one idea at a time, one pose, one corner, one outfit a day… you’ll soon notice which one you like more. 

newborn wrapped in blanket at home


Being a mum/dad photographer, means flexibility in experiments,  you have all the options!

Begin with a white simple baby grow, and explore with that for the first few times,
try naked/nappy only shots in different light.

wrapping or just covering the baby with a nice and soft blanket and watch for the trace of light and shadow on baby’s body and blanket. 

3. Angle

Newborn, tininess and those tiny features are those gonna change very soon. Look at them from different angles, while noticing the direction of light at all time.

An angle that may come less into mind is from above shoulders. Exactly the same view as your other half looking at your baby. These photographs are to be very dear, since reminding you of the exact way you’re seeing your baby everyday.

4. Be Alert

Newborns are unpredictable. So watch out for un-expected moments, face expressions, funny or heart-melting looks in their face.

Have your camera around and see their interactions with your other half. 


LIGHT should come from above the head and shoulder or from the side! 

5. Face expression

In less than a week of looking at your baby, you’d soon be familiar with the face expressions he/she is making, some has meaning and some you have not yet figure out!

Moments not to miss 

when photograph your newborn at home

newborn wrapped in a blanket, closeup

6. Details

Look at all those details and remember they will all grow and change sooner than you can imagine! Face features, double chins, wrinkles on belly and tighs, fingers and toes! 

TIP: Watch out for light and shadow and turn baby’s position to see if a new direction of light makes a difference!

7. How do you hold your baby?

While baby may be mostly on mums arms being feed constantly, keep an eye on daddy’s turn and positions. Mum may be holding baby in a calming, cuddly and feeding position, while dad is mostly holing baby on his shoulder, in the burping position or on their chest.
Keep an eye and you’d notice how you both hold baby in different positions. 

8. Posing

Honestly, no posing is needed, don’t confuse yourself with how to make them look in front of the camera! Just watch them sleep under different lightings.

If everything is settled and you’d like to be more creative to photograph your newborn at home, try different angles, from above, or sideway. Try Backlighting too! 

Make sure safety is always first. 

newborn wrapped calmly in blanket at home newborn


Obviously having siblings involved could be a little tricky, depends on their age. The best advice is always to let them be the way they want, let them explore the baby and hold them in a way feels more comfortable. 

For kids older than 4 years old when you feel safe, try some photos from above too. 

toddler poking sleep newborn on the bed

10. Printing

We will only value printed photographs when lost a few years of digital photos on a corrupted hard drive! 
Print your photos as soon as you find time. ( For more tips on being organised on your printing, check out the ink below. )  

little sister in a wooden frame and flower pot.

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