newborn wrapped in blanket at home

Newborn Photography at home, what are the steps and what to expect from a lifestyle session?

Having just started planning to welcome your new arrival? Would you like to document this unique stage of your life? What about having a professional do it all for you? but it means the lifestyle newborn photography? and what should you expect from your photographer?

The life is just about to change, soon when you welcome your new addition home; The lifestyle, relationships, habits, basically everything and more noticeably the sleep routines and emotions! Handling a new very big responsibility, on top of everything else, may sound stressful at first, I know! planning for a lifestyle newborn Photography at home with all that it involves: Making sure everything is right, you look your best, older kids behave, daddy is happy to be photographed (Yes! that is a thing!) and on top of them all, your precious little newborn is fed, changed, calm and relaxed! may not even be the case!

So how to fit a newborn photography experience exactly at the height of all of these changes?
How to make it more enjoyable and less stressful?
and what to expect from your lifestyle photography experience at home?

We already talked about
5 reasons of Why the newborn stage
matters to be documented

newborn wrapped in a blanket, closeup

So what are the steps and How to even start?


1. Pre-planning for a newborn photography

Like all other aspects of being prepared for a baby, the newborn photography also needs having clear plans in place and knowing what are your favourites, from which moments, emotions, outfits, colours, style to even go further and have an idea about how to display them? 

These all may sound too much when you just had a baby so that is why it is best to start planning around week 20-25 of your pregnancy so we’d have much more time to think ahead. 

    So let’s think about:

  • What are the moments you’d like to make sure are documented?  
  • What Photography style do you like? Studio, props, wrapped babies or simple, cosy, at home and relax, as real as the moments happening? 
  • What corners around the house do you like to be in the background of your photos and why? 
  • What are your favourite type of outfits
  • What is the colour theme you are envisioning the photos? 
  • and finally, how do you see these photos displayed and seen in future? 

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with all these questions, that is why I am here and These are some of the main questions we will talk about in your pre-session consult. Starting to plan early on your pregnancy we’d have plenty of time to think and explore your likes and dislikes to come up with a plan. 
My aim is always to make sure that parents have a very clear view of  what is going to happen on the shoot and even one step further, what if things did not go as planned. (Yes! we’ll talk about that too) and leave no worries for later. 

2. Scheduling the date

Considering all birth options, we will pin a few days on the calendar considering your due date and will update it as getting closer and if the baby decides to stay a bit more longer.
When the time arrives, all you need to do is a short text to me about your health and baby’s arrival.

                             Many Congratulations!

So we won’t need to talk a lot or be worried about any details as we have already talked about everything, now considering the time you’ll come home, the nearest date is confirmed for your shoot. 


newborn wrapped calmly in blanket at home

Every photographer has a different style of shooting and knowing your photographer, knowing how you can expect your photos to turn out and the overall expectation of the end result would give you extra assurance on the photography day. 

How do I photograph your family at home
While my aim is to be simple, relax and to go with the flow, for a newborn lifestyle shoot I usually plan for 3 types of shots, to focus on your connections, your lifestyle and your newborn adorable tiny details ( which are gonna change so fast). 
For each of them, you will be exactly you, as you are and do exactly what you’d be doing, like sitting on a sofa, feeding baby, standing by the window, talking together and enjoying watching your newborn sleep and a lot more… 

Your connections, Your lifestyle and Your newborn adorable tiny details

are the main focus in each shoot.

1. Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle to me is how you are, how your home looks like, how you dress, how have you designed your living room, kitchen, what colors are your favourites, and where is your favourite corner of your house. 
It does not matter if you live in a big or small place, always remember we are documenting this stage of your life and your newborn’s first home. ( which is not going to be the same in future.) 

mum holding newborn on a bed dad and toddler watching
mum showing little newborn to the toddle on the bed
toddler poking sleep newborn on the bed

2. Your Connection

Connecting, feeling and simply touching are those very first experiences that happens along with having a new human at home. Those first cuddles, how it feels, how you feel, how baby looks calm and safe in your arms, the joy of being able to hold him/her tight for the fist time, and your face experiencing these all… all of these are simple, priceless moments that will soon be routine and may be less noticeable. So aren’t they worth being documented? 

We usually shoot these photos against an empty white wall in your house, mainly to have no distraction around and could only focus on the emotions and connections. 

mum holding the newborn tight
dad sitting having newborn on his armn
mum kissing newborn on his hands
mum holding newborn and toddler all laughing together

3. Those tiny details

It finally comes to this melting heart part; tiny details. I have always heard from newly parents that they can keep looking at those adorable tininess, from toes to dimples or tiny curls  for hours and hours. So we would also make sure to capture those details for you to be able to come back again and again. 


How do you visualise your photos to be seen everyday around the house? Of-course There are many options, from variety of bespoke frame displays to a beautiful keepsake album. Thinking about what would be the best could be a bit overwhelming at the beginning but here again the answer comes with research and planning. We will start to find your style from the very beginning, talk and search for the best suit to your home, as well as finding the places your photos are to be displayed: the living room, nursery, hallway or staircase? and how big or small?
The choice of wall arts I have in my frames range, varies from simple Black/White wooden frames, to some with subtle patterns, or Black narrow aluminium ones.  What sizes are best and a lot more… 

Leave all the hard work to me and I make sure you will love to see them everyday up on the walls. 

Let’s start thinking:

How do you imagine these photos in 20-30 years?
Would you like to have them all laid out in a little album so you can go through them with your grandchildren?
or have a few main ones up one the wall to be seen and laughed at every day? 

In order to find the best design for you, here are some questions to help you start: 

  • What color are your home/nursery style?

  • Do you prefer bigger or smaller wall arts?
  • Would you prefer color or black and white photos?

    And the good news is that you don’t need to know all the answers at the start, it is a process that can be finalised after seeing the photos.

While planning for your newborn photography at home, do not forget the simple, daily moments you spend with each other during the day. Remember your children would love to see and go back to ‘all these real moments of their childhood’. 

Have I answered your main questions?

Let’s get to know each other, start creating a personalised experience for your family and pin a date in the calendar!

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