Winter family photoshoot in Richmond

Family photography is all about emotions, connection and moments. While light, background and season’s mood could play an important role to convey the feeling, it is all about you and your family moments. So having a summer or winter family photoshoot does not matter as much as being relax, being yourself and letting the moments happen are the main key! 

Seeing how each family grow, the children change and the relationships deepen and evolve through years is one of the greatest parts of being a family photographer. 

We first met when baby no.1 was around 1.5 year old. We had a brief mummy and me photos at the time and his cheeky smiles stayed with me all these years until we met up again last year for an autumn minishoot as a Christmas present for dad, followed by a winter family photoshoot in Richmond park early March this year. Catching up after a few years and photographing the whole family together while documenting a new stage of their life to be saved in their memory album for future, It was so magical to find that same cheeky smile in both kids!

How do we start a shoot? 

As all the gatherings, we meet up, talk and catch up first. Considering all the pre-plannings and earlier talks, we would know the flow depends on the kids and the family activities we have planned. At this point I also know how shy the kids are and how to connecting to each other. 

and the day begins, the moments reveals and: 

We are capturing the emotion and love amongst you,
Those joyful feelings in your heart and mind so
You are the ones creating these lovely moments.

We started our shoot on top of the Richmond hill with a bit of drizzle which soon turned into a 30-min rain! After a cup of hot chocolate, we then cycled from Terrace Gardens to Richmond park! 

Family activities matter too keep the kids entertained and avoid being bored, plus any new findings lead to an exciting and natural expression! so coming up with children’ favourite activities and all that can cheer them up would be an ideal plan for a memorable photoshoot. 

Why not having helpers to make mum and dad laugh? 

Here is a behind the seen of the photo above 😀 

and Yes! we did it! 

All together Created Moments,

These Moments as printed albums and photographs
are being seen again and again during years to come

and they turn into Childhood memories… 

Would you like to know more about how to plan for your family photography experience? 

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