Doorstep family photography, Documenting our Togetherness during Lockdown

“Documenting our togetherness” during the last two months of being in lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic! This photography project, started in different countries around the world, named as “Doorstep photography” or “Front Porch photoshoot”, has been a wonderful experience so far, capturing the families throughout the neighbourhood at their own front door as a little souvenir from this period! When all the world Stayed at Home to Save Lives… 

This is us

Our family, the faces behind each door, with whom we managed to stay together, to stay safe, happy, entertained.. with no distraction, no change of scenery and certainly no new faces.. with one big purpose of saving lives.. saving our family, our safe place, everyone around us and the world from being even more affected.. 

All while faced with a big challenge to stay sane! 

Having talked to many families, it was not easy for so many, stuck at home, having to homeschool at the same time as having to work! Keeping the children entertained and worried about their education!

More difficult situations were to those who have essential workers among the family, having to keep the distance, maintain the safety measures.. or even not being able to come home for weeks so all was on their other half to keep the house going.. 

And surely the most tough experiences were for those who have patients in the hospital not being able to visit.. those who lost their dear ones.. those being deeply challenged to say goodbye with no hugs and last kisses… ( I have no words to say.. this has been the worst part of this time, not being able to hug a dear one.. in the most needed time..) 

There are so many memories, so many stories, both happy and sad.. some may be told in the history books and some may not.. 

A big thank you to each family, we have all taken this project one step further, all of your donations to Richmond Foodbank, to those families who had much many worries and fears during this time, those who has lost jobs and incomes and those in need of more support.  

Richmond Foodbank Fundraising Page

So here is a tiny bit of our neighbourhood, the families who joined me in this project in south west London, Teddington, Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond…

doorstep family photography during lockdown

This project is still going, and the page for your donations is still on so do get in touch if you’d like to join .

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