Documenting our Togetherness in Lockdown

“Let’s document our TOGETHERNESS!”

This new unwanted experience of lockdown and all that has come with it, has made us more appreciate of a very simple thing we have and that is togetherness… that is family.. .

Each of us has a unique story to tell about the last 6 weeks, the new things we found about each other, the new ways of loving each other without being missed.. We have all found new feelings worth being told, kept and heard, not only by our friends and family but also by our great grandchildren.. Each story is an inspiration, read now or in future.. so let’s document and keep as many as we can.. .

Photographers being always on the front line, having the duty of documenting the history, at this time, the lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic, they have also been forced to stay at home!

And that has been painful, “knowing your ultimate goal being documenting the life” !


So following an idea of the wonderful photographers around the world, who started to document these days in their daily allowed walks by taking photos of families in their front porch, doorsteps and front yard, I am going to join them in this, taking photos of the families in and around Teddington, Hampton and Kingston once the lockdown is more relaxed. 

If by any chance you live around Bushy park and Park Road I may be able to pass your house in my daily walk/cycle too, so just let me know. .

That is the simplest and smallest documentary act we can start together. Where it goes I can’t be sure now, but I am thinking an online gallery, published in local magazines or the blogs, could go further to be published in a book too! .

All families are very welcome to join my 10 minutes photography project at the front of your house, to capture the essence of your togetherness and you will receive one digital file to cherish and remember all you have overcome and become during this time of crisis. 

There is not cost for taking part, while those of you who’d like to join me raising funds for another good cause, your donations are very welcome to Richmond Foodbank, Vineyard community, through the link below.

Fundraising for Richmond Foodbank  

To join me in this project, DM or email me or fill the form below if you have not already. 

Please note the photos are to be used in social media , blogs and publishing so the portrait release form must be signed. Once you register you will receive an online form to sign digitally. Please do let me know if you have any question. 

Please spread the word to our TW11 community: TO CELEBRATE OUR TOGETHERNESS!

“Terms and conditions apply”

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