Unforgettable first days – Newborn shoot in North London

Honestly I just love travelling and meeting more families every where in London or even further. So I was so exited not only to go to very north part of London, quite far from south west! But also I could not hide my happiness for meeting the tiny newborn, little Ryan ( I did not know at that time I will be seeing him again and again for his next shoots too )

So I arrived in the middle of the difficulties of getting used to having a new addition to the family and no sleep routines. Thankfully Ryan’s mum was so decisive of having a newborn session done for him that nothing from his constant crying and no sign of sleep to not having a matching outfit, could change her mind of having the photo shoot!

Yes the newborn session can sometimes be tiring, as it needs a lot of patience and again patience 😉 We always do our best to plan for the best time, but yes I know the newborn does not have a routine! I always give you advice about when to feed your baby or how to keep them more awake before the photo-shoot, or use different techniques to help them stay sleep longer, like the room temperature, swaddling, white noises and etc … which are always very helpful. But still there are some newborns who just do whatever they want, trust me, in those cases nothing will work but a lot of patience…
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