The excitement of Tummy time – 4 months-old shoot in Kensington

One of the best parts of being a children photographer is to see, feel and capture all these magical growing up moments. You get to see how a tiny newborn so quickly turns into a communicative baby, how those subtle smiles turns to big laughs, how those little eyes start to make more and more connections and finally get to know you as parents and maybe me as that big black thing holder! Yes, I know! they may never recognise or remember me but still this fact that I know them from those very first moments, makes the whole difference.

I met little Ryan, when he was a tiny little newborn, 12 days after his birthday and even now after photographing him again in his 4-months and 7 months, it is still hard to believe those unbelievable changes has happened this much fast and he will soon be a little active toddler!
In these photos, he was almost 4 months and has just started to lift his head up!


And here he is, 13 days-old tiny Ryan…


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