Spring family photoshoot in South west London, Bushy park

Nothing is better to start a new season of life, with spring blossoms! Well, it has been a long winter, no friend or family visit, no travelling and no outing or even a simple drink! Coming out of this winter lockdown is truly a new beginning for all of us! And I was over the moon last week to begin my new family photography season just on time with these beautiful spring blossoms in Bushy park! 
The sun came out right with the restrictions slightly eased at the end of March and we managed to take advantage of this relatively warm weather while the blossoms last! 
In a blink of an eye, a week has gone by and it has been snow!!!! Yes, that’s the UK weather, keeps you on the edge while planning for an outdoor photoshoot with little ones! 

Scroll through these very early morning photographs, with two little super active kidos, a delightful family to photograph on a gorgeous early April day! 

Mummy time matters! 
Those simple moments won’t get seen, captured and sometimes remembered through time! 

Remember, your children will be looking to find you in the photos! 

Simple cuddles, kisses and laughters! 

These photos, the albums, all those memories up on the wall
are there to tell our stories…

when they ask in future …

how things were.. when they were little… 

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk and capture 

your moments!

Having a little one under 1? 
Would you like to document their main milestones? 
Wondering what differences one year can make? 

Click on this blog post from last year to see how age and season could impact the feeling of your photos! 

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