Under the blossom trees- Family shoot in Kew

One of the most precious experiences of the life is Seeing children growing up And nothing is more surprising than revisiting a little angel whom you met a year ago  just started to walk, now turned into a energetic toddler taking care of her little baby sister.

I first saw little Mary in Richmond Green last year while she had just turned one and started walking. Now as a very supportive sister she came back  with her precious little sister Maggie. She was a caring sister, giving her kisses and showing her little blossoms to share her little world with Maggie, smiling all the time and very patient even with the wind and chilly spring day.

Yes! The chilly wind made little Mary to keep her mum`s scarf around her and use it as a new
écharpe to pose in front of the camera.  

Watching them play, laugh and explore the beautiful spring blossoms in Kew Gardens was full of joy and happiness, specially having a lot of fun and playful family time, gave me the chance to capture these priceless moments in the photographs which will long last…

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