Siblings photoshoot in Kew gardens

Having siblings is an amazing experience as well as challenging! It is always a good way of making the little one happily participate in the photoshoot while seeing the older one are there. While if the older one does not like to cooperate (which is more probable specially among teenagers), the chance of having little one is much less!

Our time was very short with lovely siblings Darcy, Ryan and Flinn in Kew gardens right before theirlunch! Darcy and Ryanloved posing in front of the camera which was a good trick to make little Flinn go after them. The most interesting part of this shoot was how wonderfullythey enjoyed and surprised of taking photos of each other at firstas well as patiently posing in front of each other`s camera, which was a quick trick helping me get them involved.But as soon as lunch was ready … where is Flinn then ??? 🙂

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