A glimpse into the life of a professional artist

Aren’t we used to seeing the artworks, paintings, photographs, sculptures, praising the artists, without knowing that particular person behind them, without a tiniest temptation to visualise how this huge/tiny artwork was born, where the idea come from and how they have transformed or even formed lives?

Working on a photography series of artist’s at work, I am capturing those expressions-never get seen, the fingertips movements across the canvas-never captured and the look in the artist’s face contemplating about the pressure of the next brush, that colour missing at a corner or the moment they call it a finished work! all through their minds into that empty space in front of them! 

Barbara LT is a London based artist and paints predominantly circus artists. 
I first met her during her studio open day years ago, when I specifically loved her snowy landscape paintings!  I was soon got stunned by how she began to transform her work of art, immerse herself into painting the magic of the breathtaking cyr wheel performers both on canvas and on paper! 

you can see more of her work and follow her on her instagram page. 

Watching Barbara moving her magical fingers, making traces that might stay or might get changed later into a new tone and seeing how colours and lines create movements, along with listening to her stories behind her paintings, how she choses a performer or a move and give it an eternal life through her paintings.. 

Check her website: 

Barbara LT 

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