Those early moments – Newborn photoshoot in Croxley

It’s still fascinates me.. these priceless early moments of having a new person in your life! Even now after seeing, photographing and experiencing these first days of having a new arrival at home, I am still stunned of the whole new life which has just begun! It was only two of you untill yesterday and suddenly there he/she is .. a new love.. a new excitement.. a new enjoyment.. a new concern.. a new reason.. to live with.. and yep! there is no undo button!

Little Kousha was 7 days-old when I saw him, a perfect age for a newborn shoot. He was still so tiny to easily fit in mum and dad’s hands ans sleepy enough to let me pose him for a perfect shot. 








Travelling to Croxley, north west London for photographing cute little Kousha, although quiet far but such an amazing experience for me as I would always be super happy to travel every where around the UK an Europe to capture your newborn and those first days of this life changing experience..
One of my everyday wishes is always to be able to easily travel around the world to capture these lovely moments for my dear friends new arrivals too.. the friends who nowadays are scattered all around the world..
one is expecting her second in a month time.. in Canada..


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