Spring family photoshoot, under the blossoms in Kew Gardens

I know it might feel strange to some of you, but I actually like winter months! the joyful mystery, the constant cold and warm environments, and specifically when it is long enough to make the arrival of spring even more intriguing! The 2023 spring looks like one of those already! It is still freezing cold out there, even snow a few days ago, yet there are blossoms everywhere as well as daffodils! So while still waiting for more sunshine, and that welcoming warmth light from the nature, I have gone through a spring family photoshoot from last year in the lovely Kew, which has made me even more impatient for the upcoming shoots! and As you might have heard before, to me it is always inexplicable combination of visiting/knowing new families, and that joy knowing that we are making their unique moments into long lasting memories for generations! 

Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting with this lovely family who had years of memories in Kew Gardens! Being a friend of Kew from when we used to live there, we immediately know that is the location for their upcoming shoot! and those specific spots we visited and captured during our visit, was the best proof that each corner brings back many memories for them! 

and creating a keepsake precious album from theses moments, we made sure they will be preserved not only for the girls, also the next generations… 

simple memories matter!

These photos, the albums, all those memories up on the wall
are there to tell our stories…

when they ask in future …

how things were.. when they were little… 

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk to you about them and capture them 

for you and your next generations!

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Having a little one under 1? 
Would you like to document their main milestones? 
Wondering what differences one year can make? 

Click on this blog post from last year to see how age and season could impact the feeling of your photos! 

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