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My Family and Baby Photography journey began 15 years ago with my dearest friends babies. The friends I grew up with, going through all those memorable and adventurous explorations in our 20s. The ones whom I was present in all the important stages of their life. Being a photographer, I started documenting their new journey through that first challenging year of parenthood and then years after.

I then moved to London and started managing a Family Portrait Photography studio. This position turned out to be my greatest point of contact to this amazingly varied society, which not only improved my photographic skills but exposed me to the vast majority of different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities and simply people. This experience deepened my understanding of people, families and of course children in all ages, although challenging but priceless experiences for which I will always be grateful.

Those years of such experience made me more and more aware of my unbearable desire of photographing and documenting each and every family’s unique story. I can’t help it, It is passionately growing inside me. Watching new mums and dads, newly arrived babies, the excitement in every-day family-time, I always visualize those moments framed on the wall, in my mind. So I have started to follow this passion, carrying over all I have learned through photographing more than 500 families to establish my own photography style, based on your trust and wherever it takes me I am ready.

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Pre – family photographer life! 

I fell in love with photography and mountaineering at the same time in my university days. Fascinated by those stunning landscapes of Iran’s high mountains, I had no choice but photographing all that had taken my breath away.

Mountaineering was one of the main activities in my twenties. Having easy access to the high altitudes in Iran’s mountainous areas (4000m to 5671m the highest),
a new exciting challenge was always there for us each weekend.

Making life long friendships, thousands of priceless memories, confronting tough and challenging routes, managing through them and the indescribable joy of being on the summits, all of these has shaped me and my passion of documenting life as it goes by through my 20s.

Soon with this ever-growing passion for photography, I was attracted to portraiture and theater photography, being fascinated by all that was happening in a play, a complicated game of lighting and actors’ expressions. I relished the challenge of finding those magical moments when light and expression, the form and the story, interacted to become more than the sum of their parts.

When I moved to London nearly 6 years ago, astonished by this incredible multi-cultural society and all of the stories I found, I have gradually focused more on photographing families and children.
Seeing new people everyday, especially the newest arrivals and the power of storytelling for every family I meet; This is what drives me to capture feelings, relationships and lives, each in their own unique way.
The deceptively simple art of capturing life in action; isn’t it like a play unfolding on a stage for us?   

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