My first children photography ever!

Being honest, I fell in love with baby photography first with this lovely girl who just recently turned 10, Unbelievable! 10 years ago, I was waiting out of delivery room in a hospital, concerning about her mum.
The first moment of her life I mostly remember is her mum saying proudly : Did you notice my adorable angel, Soha! I never forget that night and this very first moment of being introduced to a childhood world as a newly 20 years adult !
I was enchanted with every single change in Soha`slife and thrilled not to miss them. I was ready, equipped always with my camera, to capture her first smile, first tear… Whileshe generously let me take these precious moments disappearing very fast. In fact it was Soha who taught me to captureevery single first experience, for which rarely do I have enough time! kids are changing every day,the beauty and freshness of their firsts disappear like spring blossoms going to be a toddler, teenager and an adult. She taught me I should be quick while patient 😉 also appreciated for their outstanding smiles, frowns, or any expression given to us, since it is worth it and never repeated. You may think tomorrow in a sunny day I would take some photos of them crawling, and tomorrow they start to stand on their small feet! The very first moment I felt regret was in her 4th birthday, I could not find her between her peers, looking for a cheeky baby girl! She was there, in a lovely dress, pony tale hair, talking to her friends about their toys! she was not any more a baby… I already missed it.

Soha is now 10 years, I am very happy being there in her childhood, experiencing her firsts alongside with her parents, appreciating every single photos she has given me.

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