Mummy and me snuggle time

Have you been present in your little one’s photos recently?
The photos in your phone, are they mostly from them? sometimes your other half? 
Have you ever thought what would be more interesting for them to see, when going back to these moments in future? 

You   Their mother

Yes, that’s true! They want to see you in the photos… not only how you looked like, but to remember those cosy moments with you… Mummy and me moments.. 


simply to bring back the love and comfort they had from being hold by you, to their busy adulthood life! 

Mummy and me snuggle time

 designed for you,
if you have not been much present in their photos! 


5  digital photos of your choice

Tuesday 18th July – New date

Wednesday 19th July ( Fully booked )

+ 10% off any photography products
* only 5 slots available. 
* Valid for mum and baby only. Please contact me if you’d like to upgrade to a family experience.
* Upgrade option is available to Create a Collection.
* Not valid in conjunction with any other gift voucher. 
* Not valid for babies under 2 months-old
* Session fee is none-refundable and is due at the time of booking, you can upgrade once seeing the photos.

Mummy and me snuggle time 

Outdoor Mummy and me snuggle time

18th and 19th July 2023

For the next indoor

mummy and me snuggle time,

Date to be announced soon 


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