mum and kids in a lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic

lifestyle newborn photoshoot at home, Covid-19 pandemic and new rules

Being a family photographer, with lifestyle approach, I have shaped my workflow based on being with my clients, at their home, close to them, while having my routine calming the baby by picking them up, rocking them all around the shoot when needed while continuously shooshing. After the lockdown, the first question I asked myself as well as by my clients was how to have a lifestyle newborn photoshoot at home, during covid-19 pandemic and considering all the distancing rules?

Yes, at the time it seemed to be a big scary question! Since it had been crucial for me to be able to calm babies down myself ( since smelling mummy around triggers feeding need), wrap them and pick them up when they need a cuddle! but new rules were imposed on our lives so as on our work! So far we have all changed, adjusted to this new normal and learnt the safety rules and those vital ones. 

Well, since July when we, photographers, were allowed to go back to at home shooting, I have photographed a handful of newborns plus a few little babies under one, all compliance with government covid-19 secure guidance;  With new changes in place and a revision on my shot list, we managed to capture so many first-hand memories for newly parents to keep, remember and cherish in future so they did not miss this stage due to the pandemic! 

Having a newborn is already a life changing stage,
let alone being in this period of history!

What moments matter the most to you to be captured from this stage of life? what are your concerns while thinking about a lifestyle newborn photoshoot during Covid-19 pandemic? 

3 siblings in a lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
family of five with a newborn photoshoot at home

 While it seems that we are living as usual minus proper and free socialising, it is also clear that everything has been kept on hold; waiting to breath out and let go of the concerns and uncertainty, to be back enjoying and to have the familiar freedom back

Well the children are growing fast and the newborns are being born and grow up even faster! So we’d better keep going and do what we believe has to be done and more importantly capturing this beautiful stage of you newly parents. 

Here is one of my recent gorgeous shoots I had this summer. A lifestyle newborn photoshoot at home, during the Covid-19 pandemic, with all family around. One of those memories we’d love to keep as fresh, to remember with all those details, tininess, smell and more specially the excitement of the older siblings. 

How to make sure your newborn photoshoot is safe and secure, complying with Covid-19 pandemic rules? 

  1. The very first step is to have a quick read through my Covid-19 safety measures , where I have outlined all the details and hopefully some of your questions are answered. 
  2. Monitoring signs and symptoms on ourselves, our family and people we have been in contact with recently is the main key to assure the safety of our time together.
  3. Wearing face mask throughout the shoot, more specially when distancing ( 1+ ) may not be possible.
  4.  Having my shot list revised, I am avoiding the photos which are more in need of my interference and posing your baby. Therefore we will have more natural and un-posed moments captured, which to be honest has always been my ultimate goal. 
  5. Having gone paper-less, so all contracts are now electronically signed. 
sisters cuddling in a lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
Mum and newborn in a lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
lifestyle family and children photography in London and Surrey

How did we plan for this lifestyle newborn photography experience?

You may find all details about planning, steps and what to expect from your at home photography experience
on this post. Here are some quick tips about how did we plan for this beautiful newborn shoot: 

  1. We allocated 3 different location around the house, where the family spend their most time, as our main priority to have photos; Bedroom, living room where we could have an overcast light and a lot of shadows, and an empty wall in the kitchen to have more light against neutral background. They gave us a nice variety of the photos, also pictured these corners holding meanings, memories and familiarity for everyone. 
  2. We planned around the newborn and mum’s time. It is so important to start the shoot at a time mum feel more comfortable at. Although my suggestion is always to start as early as possible when everyone is in their best mood, but that extra couple of hours resting may help mum to catch up on her much-needed rest.
  3. The shoot always go with newborn’s flow. While newborns younger than 15 days don’t yet have any routine, we tried to start right after a full morning feed which could lead to a deep sleep for a couple of hours. But newborns always surprise us! Like this little lady, she was awake and curiously watching us for most of the shoot. 
  4. Once you are planning it is very important to consider what is your favourite colour palette that’d go with your home style. Having a beautifully styled home design in different shades of blue, thanks to this lovely mum, it was a wonderful choice to stay with the same colour palette, to keep the photos and later on the artworks consistent with their home style.  
lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
family of five with a newborn photoshoot at home during the pandemic covid-19
newborn photoshoot during pandemic covid-19
lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
lifestyle newborn photoshoot during covid-19 pandemic
family of five with a newborn photoshoot at home

Feeling safe and secured is a key element for me during each family photography experience. I have put all plans, regulations and measures in place, for you to relax and enjoy the time we are spending together. Since all you’d remember later on, going through these photographs, is how you were feeling! Those emotions will be engraved in these photos forever. 

If you have any advice, or concern regarding you newborn photoshoot during the Covid-19 pandemic please do no hesitate to contact me and I would be so happy to take your advice into consideration and to assure you of any concern and uncertainty.

Let’s not to miss capturing this unique stage of  your life. 

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