Family of 5 summer photoshoot in Richmond park

You are about to scroll through one of my most favourite family photoshoots during summer in Richmond park! Why is it so special? Well, what could be more exciting and challenging at the same time than being contacted by an old client of yours, to plan for their third family photography experience? and more importantly to commemorate a memorable stage of their life, living in Richmond upon thames, right before a big move not only to their new home, but also the challenging stage of teenagers! 

During 3 shoots, we captured 3 different life stages of this lovely family, in 3 different favourite and memorable locations of their choice..
we created 3 different sets of memories;
which are now saved for the children to look back at and remember all the love, joy and adventures they had, being children!

We first met when their littlest one had just been born, then for an autumn photoshoot when she had just turned 2 and
last summer before moving to a new home, seemed to be the best time to create and capture new memories. 

Enjoy seeing these moments, and remember to capture yours while they are there, the childhood, that cheekiness, and just them being children! Before growing up and evolving into the next stage.. while they are still very little.. 

with all your own special uniqueness! 

In every family photography experience my goal is to capture your family as you are, your moments as they reveal, your unique connection at every stage of life. 

When our children start to have their own family,
that is when we are asked more often how everything was when they were kids?
How our days were with little kidos running around? How was our moments, laughters, cryings and how did we all feel at that time? 

The photo below is the final shot we did! and one of those chosen to be framed and be up on the wall! 
Three different expressions, characteristics and adorable gesture, 
the one that is very different to the one on top of this post, when the kids are happy and smily! 
To me that is what we aim to capture! which is not easy to achieve! 

Children are little only for a little while…

Capture those moments on time! 

We will talk about different ideas on how to frame and display your photos. Here are two different wall portrait options for this shoot, depending on your style and home design. 

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk and capture 

your own moments!

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