Family minishoot in Bushy park

Photographing older siblings has always been one my favorites. It is very fun and playful, lots of running around and jumping are involved too. Being cheeky, copying the older one and being willing to impress parents or the photographer the same way as the older sibling does and at the same time not yet very grown up, full of relaxed and real face expressions which helps a lot to reduce posy photos as not yet camera aware.

Barney and Jonas were a delight to photograph in brilliant not very cloudy afternoon in Bushy park. Although we did not have so much time but they were very involved and willing to have fun and be themselves in front of the camera.

Bushy park is a great place for a family photoshoot. The wild and vast landscape combined with the variety of natural scenery create such wonderful and simple backgrounds in the photographs. At the same time a proper park for having a family day out, offering an interesting venue for children not be bored and keep them excited.


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