Memories with Grandma – Family shoot in Richmond

After having an outdoor photoshoot with all the family, I met up again with Mary and Maggie at home to have some cosy, home style photos with the pleasure of grandma’s company. Since they were familiar with everything, we needed much less time warming up. I loved when little Mary was showing me her little toys, pouring me tea with her small teapot and waiting very patiently for me to drink the whole cup ! Climbing up and down the stairs, playing around in the backyard and enjoying those little last minute treats, were all what we could have wished for to happen so naturally so to create these photographs.

Being in a familiar space, like home, has a great impact on having more relaxed and happy to interact children. Plus all these familiar backgrounds, like living room, stairs, kitchen and etc in your family photographs, make those homey memories more real as your every day life.

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