5 tips to elevate your summer family photoshoot in London

With Summer seems to have finally arrived in the UK ( or almost ), we can now properly plan and visualise a joyful summer family photoshoot in one of the stunning parks of south west London where you also happen to be accompanied by a photographer! 

Here are 5 tips for your

outdoor summer family photoshoot in stunning south west London locations

It happens many time during the year when I say it is my favourite time of the year! And every time I pause and think:
🤔 which season is really my favourite? And truly honestly I think all of them! The variety of look, feeling and experience each season offers is so unique that as a photographer always excite me jumping in a new season with all its potentials and new ideas to explore! 

So Here we are:

Summer family photoshoot in South West London

& who know how long it is going to last!

let’s jump into 5 most important tips I can suggest you for your upcoming summer family photoshoot:

family of 6 photographs in a summer day in London
family of 6 in a summer family photoshoot in south west london locatrion
mum and 3 kids photo in a summer day in London
mum and 6 months old baby photoshoot in summery day in wouth west london
4 siblings on the grass photographed in a summer day in south west london

1. Styling matters

Summer provides a great opportunity to explore stunning dresses and colours! So why not to take a bit of more time to plan ahead, and choose summery outfits that makes you stand out! 

TIP: As also suggested in my STYLE GUIDE, make sure to only dress one person in 1 floral pattern. Match the others’ outfits with the colours found in that dress!

dad and baby in summer photoshoot in south west london
mum and kids in a summery day photoshoot
mum and kids in summer day photographed in a park in London

2. Be Flexible and Spontaneous

Summer days could simply surprise you with a sudden rain, or just getting wet in a super fun water play in a pond! so embracing the spontaneity of outdoor photoshoots and be prepared to adapt to changing weather conditions or unexpected events would result in having even more fun, natural moments and memorable photos.
Click here and Check this Blog post for a water play in a summer photoshoot in south west London. 

Tip: Remember the more relaxed you are, your moments will be more natural and your photos would look more like YOU! And the kids would enjoy the most! Therefor the most joyful memories to look back!

3. Plan for having the most FUN

As we would always plan in advance for the family activities during your summer family photoshoot, it is key to always remember we are making memories for your children, so engaging children with interactive activities like playing games, blowing bubbles, or having a mini/proper picnic during the photoshoot could make your day more memorable than just having a photoshoot!
You know your family better than me, you know how to encourage laughter and smiles and I am there to capture their genuine moments of joy and connection.

Children photographed in a summer family photoshoot in London
children photographed in a summer family photoshoot in London

4. Timing is key

Well, as much as sunny days provides the best opportunities for a children outdoor photoshoot, it also means getting hot and unbearable as well as to avoid harsh light and shadows! 
So knowing children are also happiest at those early hours of the day, we can plan to start as early as it is convenient for you to reach the location. Starting at 8am is ideal but I found 9:00am is a bit more doable! 
If you are planning to have a lifestyle photoshoot, we can always plan to start early at a location, followed by heading home for a more chilled at home family memories just before lunch. 

Tip: Sunset family photoshoots can be breathtakingly beautiful. However, during early summer in the UK, sunset occurs quite late, which may not be ideal for little children. For families with older children, we can plan the photoshoot approximately 2 hours before sunset to capture that magical golden hour light. Alternatively, for families with younger children, we can schedule the shoot for September when the sunset is around 7pm, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

children playing in summer family photoshoot in south west london
children playing in summer family photoshoot in south west london

5. Plan ahead for the end result of your photos

Planning for what comes after the photoshoot is just as crucial as the preparations beforehand! Picture yourself surrounded by your cherished family memories—how do you envision them adorning your home? How would you like your children to experience these moments on a daily basis?

You have a variety of options to choose from, ranging from family albums recounting your unique story, providing opportunities to reminisce and share laughter, to wall galleries that greet you each day with a smile. Visualizing these moments in advance not only guides your photographer in capturing them but also makes your design appointment a more enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, envisioning how these joyful family moments will seamlessly integrate into your home adds to the excitement. Dreaming about the forthcoming transformation of your living space with these memories adds an extra layer of anticipation and delight.

In every family photography experience my goal is to capture your family as you are, your moments as they reveal, your unique connection at every stage of life. 

family of 6 photograph in a park in south west london photoshoot

Children are little only for a little while…

Capture those moments on time! 

family of 6 photographed in a summer family photoshoot in London

What moments would you like to remember, keep and tell as a childhood story to your children when they grow up?

I would love to talk and capture 

your own moments!

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