5 important photos of your newborn at home!

Looking at my son’s newborn photos only 4 months ago and I am into tears.. Yes! only 4 months and I can’t believe how unbelievably he has changed! I find myself going back and comparing his photos and to my surprise I can mostly remember how tiny he was with the help of the photos and videos we took! During those there are moments that are more important for me, those which reminds me of a certain feeling or clearly shows his growth process! So  I thought it might help if I share 5 moments (or photos) I treasure the most, and those I wish I had captured more precisely earlier or I had paid more attention to while taking my son’s newborn photos at home! To be honest, I assumed being a newborn photographer and having worked with newly parents for several years, I know how fast are these changes and how important they are to be documented! However becoming a mum it is proved to me so far that those changes are even 100 times faster that I’d imagine and nothing can show us the changes and our baby’s growth as accurate as the photographs (and properly taken videos). 

Although I am not yet much into this journey, I can’t stop looking back at those moments, adoring his tininess and be stunned by how he has changes so far! Imagine how would I feel in 5-10 years looking back at these moments? 

What do you think:

the newborn photos are for your baby to look back at when they grow up,

or for yourself to remember all these emotional moments? 

When did I start photographing him and how? 

I started photographing our moments from the hospital, with my phone for the first 2 weeks and then with my camera at least every 2-3 weeks with a monthly review to make sure I have all the changes I want! Yet still there are some missing! Our photographs tend to be more of breastfeeding selfies ( that was all I was doing 24/7 for the first 3 weeks! ) so I recorded his tininess against my boobs and body, and his face expressions while they progress, then after 2 months it became more about different activities we do daily and new skills he learns which I will write more about later! 
For now here are my top 5 moments for you to remember capturing properly at those early days: 


Being a new mum, 
How do you feel looking back at your little one’s earlier photos? 
Changes are much more obvious in the photos, than we notice in real life! 

1. Photos to show how tiny they are

Your tiny little newborn is growing faster than you can imagine. However everyday changes are not much noticeable until they go up one nappy size or when their outfits get tight! Making sure you have some sort of scale in the photos to show how tiny they were, and then repeat it every month to see some interesting changes! 

A few ideas on what to use as scale: 
  1. Your hands or your body if they lie down by your side
  2. Their cot
  3. How they don’t yet fit in their newborn outfits vs when they fit
  4. A cuddly toy on their side
  5. A sheep skin rug

    Get creative and use something personal, anything from a ruler to your body! Here is me using my hands, or my body while breastfeeding! 


If you really like to see their stunning differences, try to keep
same outfit, same angle and same pose! 

Newborn stage is much faster than we can imagine!
It is unbelievable to go back to those moments and remember those first hand experiences and feelings! 
Plan to capture them in advance so you can always go back to those moments! 

2. Feeding moments, breast or bottle

Firstly it is so adorable to remember these moments, while you are feeding a tiny little human of yours and cutely they are suckling, looking at you or with closed eyes, their hand gesture and those lips! You will be surprised to see how their mouth would look like while suckling in 2 months and how much more of your boob or bottle they can fit in! 

Don’t be surprise if in a couple of month, after all your hardwork mastering a good latch, they suddenly establish how they WANT to latch!
For me was after nearly 2 and aa half months of watching him with a big mouth and proper latch, he suddenly kind of said no! I decide how much of your boob I want and when! He then begin to adjust more with his hand helping!!!!!!!! ( pushing his hand forward into my bood and bringing his head back, in case you ask how! ) 

3. Photos that show
How they fit into your arms!
They won’t any more very soon! 

4. Hands and feet

Well, there is something magical in those wrinkled brand new hands and feet! 

5. Face expressions,
don’t forget yawning and crying faces

Expressions are priceless at this age, take as many as you can and it brings so many laughter once you look back at them in time! 

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